Conditions for participation

Conditions for Participation

GIF me your best!

We’re looking for GIF that show how to fight the virus, to encourage the people out there. Invited are international graphic designers, animators, typographers, illustrators, photographers, and artists.

  • The submitted GIFs should be from a person
  • Contributors should be of legal age
  • The GIF should be square (600 x 600)
  • The GIF must not be shorter than 3 seconds and not longer than 15 seconds
  • The GIF must have no sound
  • The GIFs may not contain brand logos
  • Each contributor can upload a maximum of five GIFs
  • Please don’t send GIF stickers;)

Howe to submitt your GIFs

You can upload up to five GIFs on this website. All accepted GIFs will be published on Instagram. Some GIFs are published on Facebook, Twitter and Giphy.

How to create a GIF

A GIF is a moving image that is created by superimposing several individual images. It supports static and animated images. Unlike a video, a GIF is much shorter. For this competition the GIFs should have a minimum lenght of 3 seconds and a maximum length of 10 seconds. You can create animated GIFs from videos, photos, illustrations and other images in Photoshop and other online tools. You haven’t created a GIF yet? You will find tutorials, tools and many examples of different GIF styles online.