Tell stories with GIFs


GIF ME YOUR BEST was initiated by Robert Eysoldt, a Communication Consultant and Creative Director from Berlin, Germany. Professionally he develops and realizes interdisciplinary communication formats for companies and agencies as well as for cultural institutions and creative networks. You can find more about his many international projects at ZEROOVERHEAD CONSULTING.



With a little help from some friends


GIF ME YOUR BEST is supported by publishers, agencies and universities. The past European Elections GIF competition was kindly supported by the European Union, DG COM and MARKENFILM, Hamburg. The #ZEROWALLS was supported by publishers and institutions who donated the inspiring books for the 5 winner boxes. A very big thanks goes to all international jury members who took the time to look at and evaluate all GIFs.



Where can you get the correct information about the Corona crisis?


In crises, the Internet is full of false statements by so-called experts. Don’t fall for their lies and get information from those who really understand what they are talking about. Here are some trustworthy links!

World Health Organisations (WHO)


The WHO works worldwide to promote health, keep the world safe, and serve the vulnerable.



Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering


The dashboard of the Johns Hopkins Center has become a primary source of information for people eager to get real-time updates on the virus’s reach and impact.



Next Strain


NextStrain pulls in all the data from labs around the world that are sequencing SARS-CoV-2’s genome, and centralizes it in one place for people to see in a genomic tree.



New York Times


The dashboard from the New York Times gives the public an easy-to-understand education on what’s going on.