Fight the Virus!

A small deadly virus has turned our lives upside down. We collect educational, entertaining, or fun GIFs that show how to fight the virus. No matter what face it’ s got.


Fight the virus … with GIFs!

We want to encourage the people out there. With entertaining GIFs that show us how to fight the virus. So if you have a educational, entertaining, or fun GIF that encourages, please upload it in our upload area.


GIF by Ana Pi, Madrid, Spain. โ–บ


Katya Khimenets, Mad Ezzati, Ana Pi and Imogen Sandbach attract the most attention on Instagram with there GIFs until May 25th. They all won the Berlin Design Digest, a great book about the design scene in Berlin. Congratulations!

The Jury

Check out all the submitted GIFs from the three GIF ME YOUR BEST contests on our Instagram channel and give out lots and lots of compliments. The designers deserve it and will definitely love you for it!