Fight the Virus!

A small deadly virus has turned our lives upside down. So what can we do? Yes, of course we keep social distance. But we can also encourage the people out there with social media. So let’s create some educational, entertaining, or fun GIFs that show how to fight the virus.


Fight the virus … with GIFs!

Most people are anxious and bored and surf the Internet in search of enlightenment and distraction. This is exactly the time when one is vulnerable to the wrong messages and bad thoughts. We do not want to let that happen. We want to encourage the people out there. With entertaining GIFs that show us how to fight the virus. So if you have a educational, entertaining, or fun GIF that encourages, please upload it in our upload area.


GIF by Csaba Klement, Budapest, Hungary. โ–บ

What’s in it for you?

First of all, you increase the amount of good, correct and entertaining messages on the Internet, and you improve people’s everyday life. This cannot be wrong. Nevertheless; at certain intervals we will identify individual GIFs that attract the most attention on Instagram and send the creators a great design book.

The Jury

This time you are the jury! Check out the GIFs on our Instagram Channel and spread your compliments. In about four weeks, on April 26, 2020, we will award four GIFs with the most LIKES on Instagram.