Fight the Virus!

For several months we have collected worldwide educational and entertaining GIFs that show how to fight this deadly virus that still turns all our lives upside down. Currently, we are preparing a new contest. Please stay healthy and stay tuned!


Tell stories with GIFs!

In this crazy time, we’ve been encouraging people out there with fun GIFs that show how we can all fight the virus together. After #EUROPEANELECTIONS and #ZEROWALLS, #FIGHTTHEVIRUS was the third GIF ME YOUR BEST campaign. Thank you to all the creatives who participated! And please stay tuned for the next campaign.


GIF by Ana Pi, Madrid, Spain. โ–บ


All GIFs were awesome! But the GIFs by Katya Khimenets, Mad Ezzati, Ana Pi and Imogen Sandbach attracted the most attention on Instagram. As a special compliment, we sent them the Berlin Design Digest, a great book about the diverse design scene in Berlin. Congratulations!

Spread some love!

All the submitted GIFs can be viewed on our Instagram channel. Please spread compliments and leave some LIKEs. The designers deserve it and will definitely love you for it!