The #ZEROWALLS GIF Competition is over!

On 9 November 2019 we celebrated the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, that divided Berlin for 28 years. This was made possible by the peaceful revolution of courageous people in the GDR who took to the streets to demonstrate for their freedom. When the wall fell, anything seemed possible. Wunderbar!


Today, 30 years later, we find ourselves in a situation that we thought we had already overcome. Political leaders and populists want to convince us that the Wall is an effective political tool to master our global challenges. But as the philosopher Noam Chomsky already says: walls that separate people from one another are the architecture of violence.


Tell stories with GIFs!

The #ZEROWALLS GIF Competition 2019 has collected animated GIFs that show how to tear down walls. The visible ones that separate us from other people, the invisible ones that keep us away from important information, and the self-made ones in our heads that block our clear view of life. Invited were international graphic and animation designers, typographers, illustrators, photographers and artists.


The Berlin Wall GIF is a work by Rasalo, a designer from Malaga, Spain. ►

Participation was worth it!

From all entries, a jury of international design and communications experts has select 5 GIFs that impressed them the most. The winners are:


Miguel Feraso Cabral, Web Designer, Lisbon, Portugal.

Jayr Sotelo, Mexican/American Animator & Designer, Dallas, United States.

Rasalo, Animator & Designer, Málaga, Spain.

Albert Orozco, Mexican-American Architectural Designer, Los Angeles, California.

Nicolas Monterrat, DoP and GIF Creator, Paris, France.


Each winner will receive a high-quality collection of books with over 2000 pages of inspiration. Many thanks to GRAFT Architects, Edition Panorama, bobsairport, Slanted Publishers, JOVIS Publishers, Amberpress, University of California Press and the Federal Agency for Civic Education for supporting this competition by providing us with these great books. All submitted GIFs can be seen at Instagram.

Walls that separate people from one another are the architecture of violence.

The Jury

Our jury comes from Mexico, Israel, Ukraine, Germany and the United States. Please visit their website to learn more about their great work.