Taking care of Europe


The competition GIF ME YOUR BEST is a privat non-profit initiative of Robert Eysoldt. He is a Creative Consultant and international expert for creative industries and develops and realizes interdisciplinary communication formats for companies and agencies as well as for cultural institutions and creative networks.



With a little help from some friends


This competition is kindly supported by the European Union, DG COM. In addition, the competition is currently being promoted by many design schools, initiatives, and institutions throughout Europe. Many thanks also to MARKENFILM, Hamburg for their financial support!



Europe … but for what reason?


Following some interesting and important information about the European Parliament and the upcoming European elections:

What does the European Parliament exactly do and why does it matter?


Here’s how the European Parliament affects your life, and why you should make your voice heard and vote for the representation you want: Liberties.



How and where can you vote and how does this work?


Information can be difficult to find, but there is a tool that will tell you exactly how: Politico



Do you want to play an active role in your local community?


There are numerous campaigns in the run up to the elections. Some focus on the elections in general, some draw attention to one issue. All of them share the idea #ThisTimeImVoting.