The European Elections GIF Competition 2019

Deadline for entries:

Sunday, 26 May

From 23 to 26 May 2019, about 400 million people in 28 European member states will get the chance to elect the new European Parliament. This time it’s not enough to hope for a better future, each and every one of us must take responsibility and vote. And the more Europeans go to vote, the better.


Don’t take democracy for granted and GIF me your best

This competition aims to collect as many creative perspectives as possible on why Europe and the European Union is worth a vote, and invites European graphic designers, animators, typographers, illustrators, photographers and artists who are living in the European Union to take a stand and use the transnational language of design to create a GIF.

Deadline for entries: Sunday, 26 May!

Why you should participate

All GIFs submitted to the competition will be shared and promoted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Giphy. But this is not all. A highly creative jury made up of designers and communication experts from all over Europe will be appointed to award the three best GIFs. The three winners will be invited for one exciting day to Strasbourg in July to attend the first session of the newly elected European Parliament.

Don’t take democracy for granted and GIF me your best!

The European Jury

United in diversity! Our 25 highly creative jury members, who will jointly award the three best GIFs, come from all over Europe: Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, the Netherlands, Finland, Portugal, Austria, Denmark, France, Bulgaria, Sweden, Greece, Poland, Czech Republic and Germany.